Art Brains Spring 2018

Art Brains Spring 2018


A visual arts enrichment after school activity taught by Art Brains, LLC.  This Spring students will: tell collaborative stories inside a cosy fort using "story spinner" wheels, pretend to be detectives, solving mysteries of their own invention, send postcards from outer space, sculpt fascinating creatures that transform inside of a chrysalis, design their own spirit animals, and more!

Instructor: Art Brains, LLC
Location: Room 123
Date and Time: 
Tuesday or Friday 3:45pm to 4:45pm
TUESDAY Session Meets 4/3 thru 5/22
FRIDAY Session Meets 4/6 thru 6/1, no class on 4/13

* Both classes do the same projects
Grades K - 5
Class size min 6/max 14
Cost $155 includes all materials fees for 8 weeks of mixed media projects


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