FALL 2018
Before/After School Activities Registration

Fitness Warriors Fall 2018

Instructor: Coach Jay Levesque
Location: GYM

Date and Time by Grade
Kindergarten: Friday  7:40am to 8:30am
Oct 5 thru Nov 16
1st & 2nd Grade: Monday 7:40am to 8:30am
Oct 1 thru Nov 19, Class meets on Tuesday Oct 9 due to Monday Holiday, No class on Nov 5
3rd & 4th Grade: Wednesday 7:40am to 8:30am
Oct 3 thru Nov 14
5th & 6th Grade: Thursday 7:40am to 8:30am
Oct 4 thru Nov 15


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Art Brains Fall 2018

A visual arts enrichment after school activity taught by Art Brains, LLC.  Join us this fall and students will: tell stories with light and shadow, invent new colors and re-invent the layers of the earth, create a Thanksgiving feast on mars, document layers of history in an illustrated “time sandwich”, sculpt representations of tumbleweeds that have blown through their dreams, and more! See their website for more info, photos and parent testimonials: www.artbrainskids.com

Instructor: Art Brains, LLC
Location: Room 123
Date and Time: 
Tuesday or Friday 3:45pm to 4:45pm
TUESDAY Session Meets 10/2 thru 11/27, no class on 11/6
FRIDAY Session Meets 10/5 thru 11/30, no class on 11/23

* Both classes do the same projects
Grades K - 5
Class size min 6/max 14
Cost $155 includes all materials fees for 8 weeks of mixed media projects


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