New Updated Teacher's Lounge


Our village of teachers are amazing. If you ever go in for REACH or volunteer for a field trip, you know how much work it takes to keep track of 25+ kids. They do it every day. As you may have seen during Back to School Night, we updated the Staff Lounge this summer to give them a place to recharge.


In the process, we learned that we aren’t the only ones who recognize their hard work. A special thank you to our Chesterbrook families and community partners who made this such a special place. The heart and energy that went into this project were truly a testament to how much our community values our teachers.

A HUGE thank you to Laura Brooks for kicking this project off during Teacher Appreciation Week, to Co-Chair Melinda Winn for knocking this out of the park working within our requirements, to Courtney Brown, Augie Frattali and Pat Pence for their commitment to making the space relevant for our teachers. Our PTA President Courtney Brown graced the room with not-so-amateur painting prowess, and the Mallon-Perlish family donated a set of awesome cabinets. Funds from the PTA and from families were used to purchase seating, a microwave oven and a charging station. Thank you also to the Mallon-Perlish family, Tammy Mehta, Brian Haloubek, Jackson and Mia Winn; Fletcher and Corbin Brown; Ashton and Bennett Summers, Heather Heil, Amanda Abraham, Kristin Lochmann, Traci Jurgenson, Sarah Hartshorn, Lavina Calaco and to all of the Chesterbrook families who donated to this project. 

Our community partners are small businesses who care about our teachers and our children, our support matters to them the same way theirs does to us. Thank our community partners today, by supporting these businesses and be sure to like their FB pages.

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