Chesterbrook Elementary School PTA Budget and Funding 2016-17

Mission: The Chesterbrook Elementary School PTA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that supports the quality of education at Chesterbrook Elementary through strategic investments in curriculum and instructional programs that directly enhance the school’s mission of academic excellence for all Chesterbrook students. We accomplish this by providing funding in four key areas:

  • ·       Academic Programs
  • ·       Training & Teacher Support
  • ·       Instructional Materials & Supplies
  • ·       Culture & Community
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Did you know that the Chesterbrook PTA spends nearly $200 per student each year? 

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Amazon - $5,470
Book Fair - $10,575
Friends of Chesterbrook - $35,067
Fun Fair - $19,748
Fall Fundraiser - $1,820
School Kits - $5,467
Spirit Wear - $3,203
Spring Art Sale - $3,379
Summer Quest (2016) -$ 27,031


 Academic Programs - $64,499
 Training & Teacher Support - $14,196
 Instructional Materials & Supplies - $27,369
 Culture & Community - $5,696

Academic Programs                                                                  $64,499

Media Center
Each year we aim to update the selection of children’s literature and technology in our Media Center. Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, iPads, and other forms of media are purchased for our children. Grades: All

Specialist Programs - Art, Chinese, Music & PE
Provides funds for program-enhancing materials and equipment to supplement what FCPS provides. Grades: All

Technology Integration
Instructional technology and hardware provided to assist in the goal of equipping every classroom with state-of-the-art teaching tools. This past year we spent $9,000 on teacher training specifically in technology. Annually, Chesterbrook PTA spends $12,000 on software subscriptions such as iXL, Sum Dog, Brain Pop, etc., to supplement teacher instruction which is available 24/7 to our Chesterbrook students.

The Chesterbrook PTA purchases your child’s iXL subscription annually. We negotiate a bulk rate of under $7,000 for our entire school. Individually, subscriptions are $150 per student which would total over $100,000. 

Field Trip Support
The PTA provides supplemental funds for field trip transportation and fees to lower or cover the cost of our students’ adventures bringing context to their classroom learning. Grades: All

Tutoring and Enrichment
Additional, special and basic tutoring provided for students for reading and math on an as-needed basis by qualified tutors during REACH and other programs. Grades: All


Training & Teacher Support                                                      $14,196

Classroom Investment & Materials
With the goal of enhancing the teaching environment at CES, the PTA provides a $125 to every full-time teacher to purchase individualized classroom supplies in support of the curriculum. Grades: All

Teacher Initiatives Program  
The Chesterbrook PTA provides over $10,000 funds to allow teachers to attend training for various programs like Lucy Caukins and technology classroom integration seminars. Grades: All

Instructional Materials & Supplies                                            $27,369

This fund is utilized for the general operation of the school. Funds will be used to purchase: paper, ink, classroom supplies, printers, facility operations, materials for in-house professional learning, and more. This line item was created to allow for the school’s general funds to be allocated for additional personnel.

Culture & Community                                                                 $5,696

Chesterbrook is committed to its diverse community, seeks to celebrate the many cultures, and promote its unity. Chesterbrook provides free events on a monthly basis throughout the school year which purposefully bring our community together. Events include from Bingo Night, Brain Show, International Night, Reptiles Alive, and Family Game Night. Grades: All