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Week 3 Class Descriptions

Baking Fun

Do you have a sweet tooth? If you do, then this class is for you! We will be baking lots of different items including cookies, muffins, breads, cupcakes and cakes. We will also be decorating some of our creations! Students will get to taste and take home all of their baked goods. **This class is not recommended for children with food allergies. We will be working with foods that contain major food allergens.**

Teacher: Ms. Butler

Grade Levels: 2-7


Character Crafts

If you like to be read exciting stories and do cool crafts, this is the class for you. Each day we will read silly, fun, or famous story books and make creations based on the characters in the story. Be ready to hear some funny voices during read-alouds and to use a ton of craft materials to make cool crafts!

Teacher: Ms. King

Grade Levels: K-2


Chesterbrook Hoops

Do you like to shoot hoops and hit the court to practice your skills? Come join Miss Nalewanski on the court to LEARN and PRACTICE dribbling, shooting, passing, and more! Through fun drills and exciting games we will practice our skills and strengthen our love for the game of basketball! Sign up today to learn skills that will have you hooping for years to come!

Teacher: Ms. Nalewanski

Grade Levels: 3-7


Creative Comics

Do you love to laugh? Do you enjoy writing and illustrating your own stories? Do you like reading comics and graphic novels? Then Creative Comics is the perfect class for you. Learn the secrets to creating a great comic strip! You will learn how to plan, write, and draw hilarious comics of your very own.

Teacher: Mrs. Landman

Grade Levels: 2-4, 5-7


Dance Party Karaoke - CANCELED WEEK 3 & 4

Are you a natural performer ready to show your stuff or just someone who likes to have fun? Come sing and dance with your friends while enhancing your creativity. Create your own performance look, find the perfect song, and choreograph some awesome moves. Creative expressions showcase at the end of the week for friends and family. (Anyone at any comfort level is welcome; lip-synch is an option)

Teacher: Ms. Rudd

Grade Levels: 3-7


Experimentation Station

Have you ever wanted to become a scientist? In this class, we will conduct experiments to figure out the answers to our wildest questions! We will be testing different models of paper airplanes to determine the best ones for distance flying and loop-de-loops, designing armor to protect eggs for an egg drop, and much more. This class is perfect for students who want to think scientifically, build models, and learn about the world!

Teacher: Ms. Ong

Grade Levels: 3-5


I’m an American Girl

Let's learn about history the American Girl way. By looking at some of the characters given to us by the American Girl series, we will explore how times have changed for girls from the past to the present. To get a deeper understanding of living in the past, we will talk about clothes, taste foods, and create crafts to get a true sensory feel of history. The camp will conclude with a girl and doll tea party on the last day. This camp is designed to help girls look towards the future and build self-confidence by understanding the past.

Teacher: Ms. Rudd

Grade Levels: 3-6


Jewelry Making

Have you ever wanted to create your own necklaces, bracelets, rings and more? We will be designing and creating jewelry using all sorts of materials! This is your chance to design and fashion jewelry that’s all your own!

Teacher: Ms. Kilberg

Grade Levels: 3-4


Kindergarten STEM

Calling all up-and-coming kindergartners who love science, technology, engineering and mathematics! In this class we will delve into the engineering process, learn how to identify problems, and design/create solutions to those problems. During the camp we will face tiered challenges that will be solved with the help of our new friends and our imaginations.

Teacher: Ms. Frank

Grade Level: K


Know Your Algebra!

Come learn how to solve algebraic equations through practice, games, and hands-on fun! We will start with pre-algebra basics and move through solving simple to complex algebraic equations! Use this class to review or extend - it will be tailored to fit YOU!

Teacher: Mrs. Landman

Grade Levels: 6-7


Minecraft EDU

MinecraftEdu is becoming a major educational tool being used in schools across the country. Minecraft is a video game in which players create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. During this camp participants use their imagination and problem solving skills, in a collaborative environment, to create self-sustaining complex worlds.

Teacher: Mr. Moseley

Grade Levels: 1-3, 4-7


Movie Making Magic!

Have you ever wanted to star in a sci-fi action movie? Or what about a hilarious comedy film? Now is your chance to put your creative ideas to the test! By the end of the week you will create and star in your own movie! In this class, we will learn all about creating a script, using a green screen to design sets, developing props, acting out scenes, and filming and editing your very own movie masterpiece. At the end of the week we will have a film festival to present all of our movies!

Teacher: Ms. Storcks

Grade Levels: 3-6


Reading Is Fun!

In this fun and interactive class, students entering first and second grade will review the basic skills of reading fluency and comprehension. They will practice their reading skills by reading a variety of texts, and they will also learn how to answer basic comprehension questions.
Teacher: Ms. Warbelow

Grade Levels: 1-2


Science Fun!

In this class we will explore the great experiments that science has to offer! This camp will be geared to beginning scientists. We will do a variety of experiments that will get us interested in the many wonderful things we can learn.
Teacher: Ms. Warbelow

Grade Levels: 1-2, 3-4


Scratch the Surface of Coding

Do you like to create stories? Do you like to play games? In this class, you will get the chance to create your OWN stories, animations and games. Scratch is a beginning programming software that was created through MIT. When kids learn to code in Scratch, they learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.

Teacher: Ms. Wei

Grades: 1-3

Teacher: Ms. Butler

Grade Levels: 1-3, 4-7


Slime Time!

It's SLIME TIME! In this class we will study new science concepts every day while making different types of slime. This might get a little messy, so dress accordingly!

Teacher: Ms. King

Grade Levels: K-1, 1-3, 4-7


Soccer FUNdamentals

Come learn the fundamental skills to be successful in soccer! This class will take place outside when appropriate. Students will participate in games, scrimmages, and drills to hone their individual and team skills. Come join the FUN! **Students will need to provide their own ball and shin guards. Cleats are optional.**

Teacher: Ms. Nalewanski

Grade Levels: K-2, 3-7



It’s STEAM time! Are you a wonder, a curious learner, a team player, a creator? Do you enjoy participating in hands-on activities to apply your knowledge to a task? Do you like a little friendly competition? Yes? Then this is the place for you! Come learn and explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics through a new lens, and learn to take thoughtful risks, have fun while problem solving, and engage in experimental learning!

Teacher: Ms. Nalewanski

Grade Levels: 3-7



Who doesn't love fairy tales? But have you ever wondered just how did Alice in Wonderland get out of the maze? Or just how long and wide was the Billy Goat Gruffs' bridge? Or just how much air was needed to knock down a house made from straw? Here's your chance to find out. Join us as we explore different fairy tales and use critical thinking and engineering to solve the dilemmas.

Teacher: Ms. Kuduk

Grade Levels: 1-2 


Step Up to First Grade

This class is designed to help rising first graders become comfortable with first grade. Step Up is great for kids that need a little extra boost academically to get ready for the new school year. The class is also perfect for anyone who is new to the school or wants extra time to adjust to how first grade works. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people so there are familiar faces during that first week of school. The students will also be using computers to get them comfortable with technology and some of the programs that they will use in first grade.

Teacher: Mrs. Wei

Grade Level: 1


Step Up to Kindergarten

Get ready for the Kindergarten experience at Chesterbrook by Stepping Up this summer! This class is for any student starting Kindergarten in the fall. Get a feel for the experience through stories, group activities, dancing, music, academics, play, and fun!

Teacher: Ms. Kuduk

Grade Level: K