Volunteers Needed

Please consider volunteering at Chesterbrook Elementary School, even if you can give only a few hours. Anyone connected to our community – including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles — even older siblings — can help. PLEASE browse volunteer opportunities below and sign up. We need YOU!

This is a list of all current volunteer needs.



Stay Tuned for Volunteers for the 2018-2019 School Year!


PTA VOLUNTEER POSITIONS STILL AVAILABLE • We still have some shoes to fill. If you can help in any of the following capacities, please email Alicia Plerhoples or Courtney Brown at

Web Editor: The web editor works closely with the Webmaster, PTA Officers and Communications teams to gather the latest school information and photos then uploads and publishs information to the website to ensure it is current at all times.  Experience with Squarespace or other similar website interfaces is helpful but not required. Time Commitment: Low, Ongoing

SummerQuest Parent Assistant: Assist SummerQuest Parent Chair and Stephanie Jennings to set-up Chesterbrook’s popular four-week summer camp program.  Coordinating with the teachers on their class ideas, setting up the schedule, getting the program posted on Chesterbrook PTA’s website, and advertising the program to the Chesterbrook community.  Planning begins in October and the camps are posted on the PTA website in March. The Assistant will shadow the SummerQuest Parent Chair this year and take over as Chair next year.  Time Commitment: Moderate (ongoing)

Family Fun Night (2 Chairs - one spot open): Responsible for implementing 8 PTA sponsored family nights at Chesterbrook, appealing to a broad spectrum of interests.  Schedule vendors (The Brain Show, Eric Energy, Reptiles Alive, Mathnasium, Bingo Night, Game Night), purchase snacks and water, promote to the Chesterbrook community. Some coordination with business friends required. Time Commitment: Moderate, (ongoing)

Family Directory Coordinator: Collaborate with school administration and PTA leadership to compile contact information and student data for the PTA Family Directory. Work with the vendor A to Z Connect to finalize, print and order the Directory. Work is done in late September and early October with a small amount of work in July.  Can be done from work. Time Commitment: Moderate, (one-time activity)

Discovery Gardens Parent Chair: (2 Chairs - one spot open) Work with each grade’s team lead to identify a grade wide, and curriculum relevant Gardens project. Purchase supplies for projects. Gather books from the school library to prepare the students for their project. Guide and help parent volunteers as they work with the students on their Gardens project. Time Commitment: Moderate/High, Ongoing

Grant Writer: Research and apply for relevant grants. Great role for good writer or editor looking for a flexible way to help fund equipment and projects for Chesterbrook.  Can be done from work. Time Commitment: Low/Moderate, (ongoing)

Special Education Parent Coordinator: Supports teachers, staff, and parents of students with Special Education needs. Promotes Inclusive Schools Week in December and an inclusive school environment year-round. Time Commitment: Low, Ongoing

Cultural Diversity Coordinator: Helps introduce families who are new to Chesterbrook/the area, many of whom are from foreign countries such as Austria, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, Mexico, and South Africa. The group meets once a month and plans regular activities such as hiking, fishing, apple picking, pumpkin carving, etc. Time Commitment: Low/Moderate, Ongoing

Please email, if you any of these positions interest you!